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Christina Almanza – 256-371-2260

Cristina M. Almanza is originally from Mexico and a recent USA citizen. Call her for any of your drink, coffee and vending needs!

Buffalo Rock Company is to be the premier provider of beverages and food products. Buffalo Rock provides our customers a host of services inclusive of office coffee services, full line range of beverage and snack vending and micro market concept. We offer you a variety of products including: Pepsi, Mtn Dew, Dr Pepper and Sunkist, Aquafina Pure Water, Sobe Lifewater, O.N.E. and Propel, Iconic Gatorade & G2 flavors, Amp and Rockstar, Hawaiian Punch, Ocean Spray, Sobe and the United Kingdom’s #1 kid’s drink, Fruit Shoot, Starbucks, Canada Dry, Lipton Teas, Red Diamond Coffees and our very own Buffalo Rock brands – Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale, Grapico and Sunfresh flavors.

I also included 2 of our logos one with the tag and one with out, if you could also add the Pepsi logo. Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you and I hope you have a great afternoon!


Cristina M. Almanza, APR
Business Development Coordinator / Social Media Specialist
Buffalo Rock Company | Birmingham Division FLV
34- A West Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209
Office: (205) 944-4087
Cell: (256) 371-2260